Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What They Do Now!

For much of tha past couple of years in Formula One Juan Pabllo Montoya was one of the top drivers. I really believed him capable of winning a championship. He was driving for the BMW team in 2005 and in 2006 moved to McLaren Mercedes and was a big name in the competitive stakes.

Now I have a confession to make. Last year, though I still watched, I kind of got a little lost as to what was going on in the world of Formula One. I wasn't as avid a follower as I should have been. As a result I came back this season to discover Schumacher gone and Montoya gone. A little more than what I had expected to say the least. These were two of the top drivers. Why would they leave the sport they excell so much at and what are they doing now? Not that I lamented too much the departure of Schumacher, who, in my opinion, made the sport boring. But what better had they to do?

Lets start with Montoya. Aftter departing the McLaren Mercedes F1 team, where he raced alongside Kimi Raikkonen, Montoya went to NASCAR ( but not before he took a victory in the 24 hour Daytona sports car race. Montoya already had to his CV a victory in the 2000 Indianapolis 500 and a Champ Car World Series title. At the moment the Columbian is racing for Chip Ganassi Racing ( and is making quite an impact on the world of NASCAR. It seems Montoya just has the winning streak wherever he goes.

Michael Schumacher ( retired at the end of last season aged 38 and assumed the position of assisting Scuderia Ferrari CEO Jean Todt for this years season. He takes his retirement time to persue his other passions and to spend time with his family. Schumacher plays football for his local team FC Echichens and is a special ambassador for UNESCO.

I personally think it was about time Scumacher retired. He has been on a nonstop winning streak for too long now and made the sport too predictable, unlike Montoya who never made it as far as winning a championship.

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