Monday, April 16, 2007


The Bahrain Grand Prix took place yesterday with McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton ( making history by being the first driver to make the podium in his first three races. Felipe Massa ( won the race followed by Hamilton in second and Raikkonen ( third.

I think that the retirement of Michael Schumacher ( year is a definite good thing for the sport. The change began to take place last year when Fernando Alonso ( proved his worth as a driver and took the championship. Up until then I think that the sport had become boring. It was at a point where I would watch half a race then turn off. It was too predictable. Schumacher was too good.

That is the point when a sport loses the entertainment element. I think Formula One needs unpredictability and it needs it right up to the end. This year with the absence of Schumacher we are seeing other drivers step up to the challenge and bring back the competitiveness that makes the sport what it is. Here we have Hamilton, new to the racing scene and he has taken poduim positions in his first three races. Raikkonen, too, is looking like a very strong contender for the championship this year. At this point in the 07 season, Hamilton, Alonso and Raikkonen are all on 22 points and Massa is not too far behind. It can only get more interesting in my opinion.

Personally I hope that Raikkonen takes the championship this year. I've been rooting for him for a few years now and each time he has come so close then fell...

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