Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Round up!

The Formula One season officially began on March 18th with the Austrailain Grand Prix with The Iceman, Kimi Raikkonen, taking the first win this year. Following this the racing convoy made its way to Malaysia for the April 8th race with Spaniard, Fernando Alonso taking the winning position. We are now preparing to head for Bahrain on the 15th of this month. As we head into the third race of the season the drivers championship is headed by Fernando Alonso who took the crown last season. Alonso is just ahead of Raikkonen with 18 points to Raikkonens 16.

But this is just the beginning of the season and dedicated fans will be well aware that Formula One racing is an unpredictable sport and the standings could change in a day. Alonso is driving for McLaren who have always been a strong team in the sport, oftentimes commanding the circuit.

Now this season has seen a massive overhaul in the drivers positions and many, myself included have proved confused after not paying enough attention to the sport over the winter break. Alonso has moved from Renault to McLaren and Raikkonen has gone from McLaren to Ferarri while Schuy is nowhere to be seen. Jenson Button remains loyal at Honda and he is now joined by former Ferrari driver Rubens Barrichello. Montoya is absent from the whole thing and Giancarlo Fischella is now a Renault man. The younger Schuey is driving for Toyota alongside Jarno Trulli and Takuma Sato has gone to the Super Aguri team.. Confused yet? I am... You can check out the rest of the team line-ups here: http://www.formula1.com/insight/team/186.html

A big contender for the upcoming Bahrain Grand Prix will be the Williams team despite the fact that they came away from the Malaysian race empty handed. The Williams team held the fastest lap time at the Sepang race and look set to be strong contenders for the Bahrain leg. Williams are currently sixth in the championship table behind Toyota.

The Bahrain Grand Pix weekend begins on Friday April 13th with practice sessions before the qualifying sessions on Saturday 14th. The race kicks off at 14:30 on Sunday 15th April!!

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